The Underdog

I like the underdog. I want  the short kid to get the shot over the tall guy; the number 16 to beat the number one; the homely singer to win the talent show. Davids always win my heart over Goliaths. So after spending last week walking around lovely Buenos Aires, I tried to remember my … Continue reading

Where Are You From Week

Do you remember back in seventh grade Texas History class with Mrs. Teeter, when we had Where Are You From Week, and we learned about the waves of immigration to the Lone Star State, with the Germans and the Czechs, and then some more Germans? Of course, there were also Mexicans, several times, but that … Continue reading

Béisbol, Boobs, Beer: A Love Story

You could be here. In my last entry, I promised stories from the road—tales of travel through Venezuela’s hidden mysteries and secret gardens, epic adventures high in the Andes or deep in the rainforest. Maybe you were expecting something like Romancing the Stone, with slightly less Michael Douglas or a lot more Kathleen Turner. (One … Continue reading

At Least You Have Your Health

Escuela Campo Alegre was on vacation last week, a mid-semester break that takes the sting out of our non-existent Thanksgiving. I joined my Seattle friends and fellow teachers Jess and Chris, plus their pal Matt from the US, for a road trip around Venezuela. We drove about 2000 kilometers, into and over the Andes, down … Continue reading

I’m With the Band

We’re all brothers and sisters, in the end. The same pains, sorrows, joys; the same struggles and little victories. first in line at the sugar bar The basest, most universal experience, though, is this: cutting in line. We’ve all tried to get on the list, or be “with the band” at the bar, or to … Continue reading

Indulgence No More: A Voyage of Denial

After last week’s ice cream indulgences, it was time for cleansing, moving forward, getting it right. No more giving in to every soft-serve urge: I needed to clean up my life and focus on what matters. So I went to the beach for a long weekend with my pals Chris and Jess, and new friends Cornelia and … Continue reading