Posted in August 2011

A Voice from Above

Bar Mitzvah Caption Contest Time! Submissions in comments, please. Today I taught the obligatory “Hey, you’re Jewish! Would you present something to my class?” lesson. I don’t mind at all; it’s been my Hebraic duty since I was nine years old to represent the teachings of the tribe for an audience of goyim, and I’ve got the … Continue reading

In and Out of the Bubble

Pabellon. Black beans, rice, meat, plantains.I totally failed on the photos this week.  All pics from the internet. Sources below. You know how sometimes your personal chef doesn’t come until late in the week, and you have to scrounge in the fridge for something to eat, and you wish there was some more of those … Continue reading

The Day Before (See Footnotes)

Not shown: tropical birds in the trees, and the ice cream guy behind me It’s the Day Before. *1 Kids come to school tomorrow, and Escuela Campo Alegre is ready. Yesterday, a crew of maybe 27 blue-shirted maintenance workers hosed down every outdoor horizontal surface and pressure-washed most of the vertical ones. Teachers have been staying … Continue reading

Loving the Elevator

Hello from sunny, and then torrentially rainy, and then clear and mild Caracas. It’s beautiful here–or at least as much of “here” as I’ve been able to see in two busy days. I’m writing this as I look out the enormous sliding-glass window in my apartment, the high peaks of the Avila mountain only a … Continue reading