Photos, at last!

It took me a while, but I have some more photos of Turkey ready to go, thanks to a lot of spare time and a nice high-speed internet connection.

Rather than post them on this blog, I’m going to send you to the actual photo gallery here: . The blog doesn’t do a good job of showing more than a few pictures at once.

As I looked through the 3000-plus pictures (don’t worry! I cut them down to about 150), I noticed that there weren’t very many photos of my bicycle, or of anyone else cycling. Partly, that’s just a problem of not having a full-time documentary filmmaker follow me around. I’m interviewing for that job, though, and I encourage anyone who’s looking for an unpaid internship to get in touch. The real reason for the dearth of bike pics is that bicycling–actual road riding, covering miles–was not the main point of this trip. It’s a great way to get around, and as I noted in my last post, it opened doors everywhere I went, as people were drawn to the story of Turkey by bike. But as important as the bike was, it was just a key to those doors, not the entrance itself, and certainly not the people and places that lay just over the threshold.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for following along on the trip!



One thought on “Photos, at last!

  1. Susan Lee recommended your blog to me as I'm heading to Turkey in September for three months. I enjoyed reading your blog and will be sharing it with others as a prelude to show them what a wonderful place I will be visiting. I am considering the idea of teaching English there, as I have my certificate for teaching ESL…ANYWAY, I am hoping you might be able to put in me in touch with the teachers you met in Istanbul…thank you. Margie

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