This, Not That

By now, many of my friends have come to this blog, seen nothing here at all, and retreated to the wilds of the internet–pissed off, bored, looking for cute pictures of cats, or that one YouTube video with, you know, that kid from the dentist’s office.

For the rest of you (Hi, Mom!), or for the cat-photo people who finally came back, here’s a quick post about my plan for the trip. This, not that.

I’ll be staying in Istanbul for a few days, first with one local host and then another. I’ve hooked up with two networks of international travelers and hosts: (younger, smellier, fun), and Servas (a little older, cleaner, and more established). I’ve had good experiences as a couchsurfing host in Seattle, showing folks the best of my town and learning about their travels.

Next, I’ll probably head to the west coast of Turkey to see the many, many cultural/historical/archeological sites scattered throughout. Also scattered throughout, according to my Lonely Planet guidebook, are ritzy resort towns and yachtsmen cruising around them. “Cruising” in the nautical sense, not the “soliciting sex” sense, I suppose, though they could be related. This, not that.

East for a while, then up to Cappadocia, home of famous Love Valley, with homes carved into natural rock towers. This, not that.

Eventually I hope to make it to Eastern Turkey, or (this is for my parents), Eastern Central Turkey, where it’s drier and more, well . . . Eastern in character. This, not that.

There might be some otobüs yolculuğu along the way, since it turns out Turkey is a big country and I only have a couple months. But mostly, I hope to ride my bike on small roads and spend time in places the big buses don’t go very much.

I’ll post here as I can, and might put a note on Facebook every now and then. See you on the road!


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