Posted in April 2011


Lots to tell, lots to tell, but first, a word about wardrobe: The best thing I’ve done so far is to buy a cheap Turkish national soccer team jersey with a player’s name on the back (Normal 15 Lira, but special for you my friend 10 Lira America Barack Obama!) It turns out that Arda Turan also plays … Continue reading

The Kindness of Strangers

The schoolteacher army of amateur travel agents was mobilized and on a mission. I’d spent the day at my host’s elementary school, and the whole faculty was gathered in the teachers’ lounge grading papers, drinkıng çay, talking about the kids. After rain and wind cancelled my ferry out of İstanbul at the last minute, I … Continue reading

Greetings from Istanbul

Greetıngs from İstanbul! (Sorry no pıctures ın thıs post. Technıcal ıssues wıth the computer. I’ll post double next tıme. Also, please forgıve the funky letter ı. Hard to type on the funky Turkısh keyboard.) Pıcture, ıf you wıll, the guy who gıves you the massage at the Turkısh bath ın İstanbul, the top-secret place no … Continue reading

This, Not That

By now, many of my friends have come to this blog, seen nothing here at all, and retreated to the wilds of the internet–pissed off, bored, looking for cute pictures of cats, or that one YouTube video with, you know, that kid from the dentist’s office. For the rest of you (Hi, Mom!), or for … Continue reading